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Ezine Hosting Features and Pricing

Send Limits

This is the amount of messages you can send per month at a given package level. If you have 100 subscribers you can send your ezine 2 times per month at the free level, and so on.

Advertising Free

We do not insert any advertising into your ezines. Why? You should be able to promote products and services that YOU want to!

All levels of EZezine membership are advertising free, including our free basic package.

No Set-Up Fees

There are no set up fees for opening an ezine hosting account with us. We've made the set up process simple and automated, and to charge you for this would be padding our own pockets. We choose to generate our revenue off of services that we actually provide, not simply wherever we can.

Personal Technical Support

We've made our ezine publishing service easy to use. However, we're aware that you may occasionally need technical support. We offer personal technical support via an online support ticket system. We respond to most inquiries within hours.

Active White-Listing with Major ISPs

EZezine is actively whitelisted with AOL, Hotmail, MSN, ATT, Juno, Net Zero and other major ISPs. This list continues to grow as ISPs make this feature available to us.

Listing in the EZezine Directory

We want to help you grow your subscriber lists! All ezines that are actively being published through EZezine will be listed in the EZezine directory.

You always have the option to opt-out of this feature.

Live Content Feed at EZezine Live

We want to help you grow your subscriber lists! All ezines that are actively being published through EZezine will be published in real time at EZezine Live.

You always have the option to opt-out of this feature.

Export Your Subscribers Lists 24/7

You have access to your database at any time, and can easily export it to your hard drive automatically. In most versions of Windows, your database will automatically be put into an Excel spread sheet.

Create Customized Subscription Forms

Our subscription form generator allows you to pick and choose what data you want to collect from your subscribers. You can collect just email addresses, or any type of information you would like to. The forms that will be generated can be completely customized to match the look and feel of your website.

Create Multiple Ezine Subscription Forms

If you publish more than one ezine with us you can easily generate a single subscription form for any combination of your ezines.

Invite Friends to Subscribe

Invite your friends to subscribe to your ezine via a simple web-based spam-free form.

Subscriber Self-Management

Subscribers can unsubscribe, subscribe, change their own email addresses, and put their subscriptions on pause and resume via our subscriber management center.

Customize Your "Invite Friends to Subscribe" Notices

Invite your friends to subscribe to your ezine with a customized invitation that you compose yourself.

Incomplete Subscriber Follow Up

Occasionally a pending subscriber will not receive or respond to their confirmation request. We have systems in place to send follow up requests.

Create and Manage Custom Send Groups

Send your ezine to selected segments of your database, rather than to your whole list. You can save your send group parameters and call upon them when you choose to.

Integrate Website Signup Forms (API)

If you need to add subscribers that signed up to your site the confirmation process can be initiated by API calls with a bit of code added to your signup form(s).

Archived Ezine Hosting

We archive and host every issue of your ezine that you broadcast. You can choose whether to make this page publicly accessible or not. You can view and delete archives individually.

PDF Archives

If you have a public page your archives will have a pdf version also

Author Tags

If you have a public page your archives will have author tags metadata for search engines to know who is credited for the work.

The url and author point to the defined name and url in your ezine options.

Image Hosting

Host your ezine's images on our server. This is helpful if you are limited on the amount of data storage or transfer on your own server.

Schedule Your Ezines For a Future Send

To help you automate your ezine sending you can schedule sends up to one year in advance. You always have the option of cancelling a scheduled message if something should change.

Spam Filter Checking

We want your ezine to be successfully delivered as much as you do. We have a built in spam checker that will scan your ezine draft for common spam triggers in your content or formatting.

Send Both Text and HTML Ezines

You can send both plain text and HTML formatted ezines to your subscribers. You can offer your subscribers the choice or you can choose yourself. Both the text and html sending features contain simple copy and paste functionality.

Send your ezine headlines via RSS feeds. This is a great option for subscribers experiencing email overload.

Sequential Autoresponders

Send scheduled autoresponders, such as an e-class. Schedule daily, weekly, monthly or other intervals.

Create HTML Ezines With Our HTML Editor

If you want to design an HTML ezine but don't know HTML, we offer an on-line HTML editor complete with a spell-checker that allows you to create one on the fly. It's very simple to use, similar to Microsoft Word. You can insert images, hyperlinks, and format your text appearance with an easy to use toolbar.

Save Your Ezine Drafts

If you haven't finished composing your ezine, you can save a draft copy to come back to and finish editing at a later time.

Save Your Ezine Templates

You can upload and save templates for your various ezines. When you are ready to compose an issue, you simply load the ezine template in your control panel.

Subscribe, Unsubscribe and Bounce Statistics

Find out which email addresses are subscribing, unsubscribing and bouncing. Find out what addresses have been removed for bouncing.

Email Notifications of Account Activity

Select which actions from your ezine hosting account you want to be notified of by email. Some of these include: new subscribers, unsubscribers, bounce removals, as well as broadcasting events.

Pending Subscriber Statistics

Check statistics on pending subscribers who have not followed through on the double opt-in process.

Confirmation Bounce Statistics

Statistics of subscribers that are are bouncing before confirmation is finished.

Referring URL Statistics

Learn what webpage or which subscription form new subscribers signed-up from. This is a valuable tool for your promotional efforts.

Custom Welcome and Farewell Autoresponders

Compose custom messages that will be sent to all new and all departing subscribers.

Custom Headers and Footers on All of Your Public Pages

Add your own look and feel to your subscription confirmation, welcome, thank you, farewell, and archive pages with your own graphics.

Custom Content on All of Your Public Pages

In addition to adding your own header and footer graphics you can also customize the textual content on your subscription confirmation, welcome, thank you, farewell, and archive pages.

Membership Packages

  Free Starter Pro Power Power Plus
Membership Free $7/mo $19/mo $49/mo $99/mo
Send Limits 200 1,000 20,000 200,000 400,000

General Features

Advertising Free
No Set-Up Fees
Personal Tech Support
Active White-Listing with Major ISPS
Listing in Ezine Directory
Live Feed at EZezineLive

List Management Features

Export List 24/7
Customized Subscription Forms
Multiple Ezine Subscription Forms
Invite Friends
Subscriber Self Management
Customized Invite Friends Content    
Pending Subscriber Followup    
Manage Send Groups    
Website Signup Form API Integration    

Broadcasting Management Features

Archive Hosting
PDF Archives    
Author Tags    
Image Hosting    
Schedule Messages for Later Send
Spam Checker
Text/HTML Formatting
RSS Feeds
Sequential Auto Responders
Online HTML Editor
Save Drafts
Save Templates


Sub/Unsub/Bounce Statistics
Email Notifications of Activity
Pending Subscriber Statistics    
Confirmation Bounce Statistics    
Refering URL Statistics    

Further Customization Options

Custom Welcome/Farewell Messages    
Customize Look and Feel    

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