EZezine Terms of Service

Forgive the legal jargon here, but we have to do it. We are committed to treating you fairly and with integrity, and ask that you do the same for us. Thanks!

EZezine Terms of Service Agreement

1 . You cannot import any email addresses. Any and all subscribers to any and all ezines, can only be added by double opting-in via an EZezine subscription form.

2 . By using the EZezine.com website and its services, you are agreeing that:

EZezine.com or its associates assume no responsibility or liability for your business, your website, or your company including but not limited to the following:
a. The successful or non-successful sending and/or delivery of any email through our service.
b. The formatting or look of your ezine.
c. Spam accusations against you, your company, or your publication.
d. The functionality of your subscription form(s).

3 . EZezine will never sell or distribute your email lists or databases. Nor will we distribute your own email address or information. For more information please read our privacy policy.

4 . No pornography or questionable adult material is allowed to be sent through the EZezine.com system. Adult material will be determined at the sole discretion of EZezine.com

5. By publishing content through the EZezine system you are acknowledging that you have or have purchased the legal right or copyright to publish this content. This includes images, textual content and code. You also agree to hold EZezine.com harmless should a copyright claim arise due to content in your publication. The individual publisher assumes all liability for copyright of content within their publication.

6. We reserve the right to close an account at our discretion. No funds will be refunded. Once an account is closed, the account holder will no longer have access to their account, or their account data.

7. If the user is subscribed to a paying account with EZezine.com, funds will automatically be debited monthly via PayPal.

8. If the user chooses to cancel or adjust their paying account with EZezine.com, it is the user's responsibility to cancel or adjust their PayPal subscription with EZezine. No funds will be refunded as a result of the user's failure to cancel or adjust their PayPal subscription to EZezine.com.

9. You, the user, agree to all of the above terms before creating an account with EZezine.com

10. EZezine.com reserves the right to change these terms of service at any time without notice.

If you have questions regarding our Terms of Service, contact us.

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