EZezine does not allow ANY unsolicited commercial email to be sent through our servers.
If you are suspicious of the legitimacy of any mail being sent from our servers, please report this to us immediately.

How EZezine Assures That No Spam is Sent Through Our Servers:

  • We are actively White-Listed with all Major ISPs.
  • If an ISP has a feedback loop program for abuse complaints, we enroll in it immediately.
  • We reserve the right to suspend any members' account(s) at our discretion, and will not hesitate to do so, should an account be in question.
  • EZezine.com is fully compliant with all proposed and existing federal (US) anti-spam legislation.
  • We do not accept database imports.
  • Every single subscriber in every member database has subscribed via a double opt-in web-based process.
  • Every new user must double re-opt-in their subscribers.
  • Should "abuse" complaints arise, those email addresses are removed from a subscriber database.

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