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Email Newsletter Solutions For Publishers Who Care.

Your subscribers aren't cattle.
Don't choose an ezine / newsletter host who treats you like you are.

We Offer Email Newsletter Solutions for:

Musicians, Entertainers, Promoters, Venues
Keep fans up to date on gigs, releases and news. Our members include Musicians to Magicians. We provide affordable mailing list solutions as artists shouldn't starve as a result of their promotions.
Wellness and Health Providers
Massage Therapists, Yoga Instructors, Meditation Groups. Perfect for keeping your clients informed of your appointment openings, articles pertinant to your care, classes, etc.
Consultants and Coaches
Your clients lean on you for solutions. Remind them you are there for them with a content rich permission based newsletter.
Restaurants and Retailers
Stay in front of your customers! Newsletters are a great way to gently remind your supporters of your business. Great for running subscriber only deals and coupons.
Special Interest Groups
Spiritual Organizations, Church Groups, Bee Keepers, Organic Agricultural Groups, Advocacy Groups. Keep your group members informed of meetings, events and news.
Astrologers, Thinkers, Writers
From Saturn to Steampunk stories. If you have content to distribute to your subscribers, we have solutions to make sure they never miss an issue of your ezine.
Teams of All Sorts
Soccer Teams, Litle Leagues and even Marching Bands. Keep team mates up to date on practices and meetings. Keep fans up to date on game dates and stats.

Getting There
Your list is meaningless if your subscribers aren't receiving your newsletter. We have spent the last dozen plus years making sure that your ezines are successfully delivered to your subscribers time after time. We are actively White-listed with all major ISPs.

Free to Affordable
Break the mold, not your bankroll. Investment in your businesses can be effective without being over the top. Our pricing is practical because we know you are.
Basic membership and use of EZezine is always Free. Professional upgrades are quite affordable.

Free and Ad Free
Build your list, No strings attached
We want to see your list grow. EZezine lets you build your list without 3rd party ads or other strings attached.

Rock Solid
EZezine has used the same IP addresses to send our members' newsletters for many years. We challenge any other service provider to make this same claim. This means that your subscribers' ISPs welcome your ezines with open doors and open inboxes. Because all of our Members take care in keeping great lists, it is our policy.

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